Marcel Stewart

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Marcel Stewart is an abstract artist from Detroit, MI born in the early 1990s. Marcel loves to express himself by the use of the visual arts. He is a 2009 graduate of Detroit Community High School looking to pursue his professional art career while discovering his best artistic attribute(s). Although, he was offered a partial scholarship to attend the College of Creative Studies, he decided to accept an athletic scholarship to attend Schoolcraft College. Marcel’s passion ultimately led him back to a career in visual arts, but beyond creating fine art, Marcel is a loving husband, father, and mentor.

While growing from an adolescent to a young adult in a rather urban and dangerous area, Marcel searched for many ways to evolve. Although he excelled at many things such as basketball, academics, arts & crafts etc., he still didn’t know which route he wanted his life to go in. After many life-changing situations, Marcel began to use paint as a form of self-expression. This not only helped him with some of the unfulfillment he felt within himself, but his gift has also help bring joy into a number of homes.

Marcel is striving to change the mindset of individuals through art each day with the hope that it will change their outlook and perception of their own abilities. Once our mindsets change and evolve, a change in our behavior will follow.