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Rose Mary Messenger Summers was born on October 12, 1952 in Detroit, Michigan. She was reared by her mother and father along with four siblings. She graduated Kettering High School in 1971.

Rose began her career in the first grade when she drew a picture of herself and colored it.  The teacher stapled it to the bulletin board and she immediately felt like an artist.  Her mom and dad planted the seed, “You can do anything” in her heart early in her life.  When they realized she had artistic abilities they encouraged her to draw and paint daily.  At age 17 Rose created her first Masterpiece that was adored by many in her community.  Her biggest influence was Artist Salvador Dali.  His convoluted way of painting intrigued her, and she loved the idea of incorporating his style in her paintings.

Rose created murals, taught art classes and managed camps for inner-city youth through the auspices of Operation Get Down and New Detroit Incorporated.  She graduated from Michigan State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clothing and Textiles.  Ironically, she did not pursue an art curriculum.

Rose is basically a self-taught artist who has taken classes over the years at Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University and Oakland University.  In 1990 Rose earned her master’s degree in Special Education. Consequently, during that time she started her business, The Summers Signature Collection LLC.  She decided to paint her jewelry using a foundation that she invented and was able to reproduce hundreds of times while using the paint pouring method that is popular today.  She created unbelievable beautiful painted brooches, earrings and pendants that she called Art Jewelry.  For 27 years Rose sold her successful art jewelry in Detroit, New York, Texas, California, Carnegie Museum and the 30 Americans Tour at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Rose decided to return to painting in 2018 motivated by a desire to pick up the brush because of her affiliation with the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club.  In a short period of time Rose sold art locally and Nationally.  Today Rose’s Art hangs in the prestigious Umoja Fine Arts Gallery in Southfield Michigan and adorn the walls of numerous VIP Collectors both locally and nationally.