Creative Events

Custom & Creative Team-Building Workshops

Umoja Fine Arts Gallery offers a variety of creative team-building workshops, which your office can book onto as a group. Our workshops can be done in an hour at lunch time or after work, or can be expanded to form part of a strategic planning event or staff away day. 

What are some workshops or events that Umoja offers?

1. Painting Workshop: Instructed by one of Umoja's talented artists

2. Lunchtime Workshops: Do something with your lunchtimes!  Organize one of Umoja's artists to come and teach you a simple and fun craft on your lunch break.  

Workshops will include activities like drawing (great for mindfulness), painting, collage, sketching

3. Gallery Tour with Education: This one is for after work. Umoja will welcome a group (either from one office, a whole building, or co-working space) out of the office to visit a gallery. During the tour we can all share thoughts with each other about the art!

Whether you understood it or not, liked it or not it doesn't matter.  What matters is going somewhere as a group to make new friends, see new things and socialize afterwards

4. Community Engagement Event: Could range anywhere from a local book club to a public fundraiser 

5. Artist Talks: Get inspired by booking one of our artists to talk to your team.

This workshop is available in your office, virtually, or in-gallery.

You can invite one of our artists or one of the investment artists we work with to come into your office to talk about their art, their practice, how they got started and their career as an artist. 

Talks are facilitated by our Gallerist Ian Grant and can be arranged as a solo talk or as part of a panel of other artists and creatives


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