Peaks & Valleys Original

Peaks & Valleys

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“Environmental Series”

Acrylic on Canvas

30” x 48"

"Peaks and Valleys" was a term given to me by my mentor, referring to life and the obstructions that we encounter. During our journey to success, it is inevitable that we face hurdles; however, only few capitalize on the time given to learn and grow, striving to reach their highest potential and experience freedom.

It's essential to perceive our peak as only a glimpse of our next valley. Valleys mark the stages when we struggle, yet they are a helpful indication of growth. Our next peak will be larger and more impressive than the last, so it's ideal to stay out of valleys for as long as we can. Even in the valleys, we can harvest the benefits more than sorrow.

Displaying this art piece for women's history month is a way to show appreciation for the difficulties encountered and accomplishments achieved by the extraordinary women around me and the world.


In my life, I have seen many women exemplify true grit, setting a shining example of leadership and fortitude that will carry on for generations to come. Transform your home with the Peaks & Valleys "Environmental Series" Acrylic on Canvas. Feast your eyes upon the awe-inspiring majesty of this 30” x 48" work and add a touch of tranquility and grandeur to your space!