Peaks & Valleys

Peaks & Valleys

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“Environmental Series”

Acrylic on Canvas

30” x 48"

“Peaks and Valleys is a term given to me by a  mentor of mines. It refers to life and the overall obstacles that we face. More so, how we deal with and overcome them. While on a journey to success, challenges and barriers will interfere with the journey and offer time to learn. The offering of time is inevitable, but only few take advantage of the time offered and use it to learn how to reach their potential or even a mindset where they feel free. Few strive to to reach their peak potential. 

We must know that our peak is only a preview to our next valley. A valley is a reference to a period when you’re in a “rough patch”. It is a temporary time when learning can occur. The time of learning also allows time for growth with the potential that your next peak will be much more grand than the last. The goal is to stay out of the valley for as long as possible while also knowing that once you go back to the valley it will reap more benefits than it brings sorrow. 

Peaks and valleys relates to a constant struggle for progression. Exhibiting this painting during women’s history month is my way of acknowledging and honoring the struggle and success of all the inspiring women in my life and around the world. 

In my lifetime, I have witnessed many women show how sheer dedication can lead to a more prosperous and sustained future for generations by having perseverance and showing signs of leadership.”