Black Love Will Keep Us Together Original

Black Love Limited Edition

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16” x 24” 

Edition of 150

This painting represents the triumphant dance of the sustaining force that kept
black people alive, flourishing and successful in many areas of life, while
overcoming incredible obstacles and disadvantages. That sustaining force is “Black
Love!” Theelebrating their colorful heritage found in the loins of their forefathers
as represented by the African mask man’s face between them. The three figures
joined together creates a “heart” of love and the ribbons atop of the head ties the
diverse and beautiful culture of a people that was created through black love.
The couple dancing above a chess board represents the intelligence, intuition,
skill, courage and strategic maneuverings it took to bring us from 1619 to 2022!
The only sustainable force that could do this and continues to do this is “Black Love”