Colorful Diaspora Original

Colorful Diaspora

Regular price $12,500.00

Acrylic on Belgian Linen - Original


Custom imported frame included

“It’s All About Color” series


Add a bold pop of color to your home with the Colorful Diaspora! This original piece of art by Marcel Stewart features 30-40 layers of textures and colors applied in an abstract style that is sure to wow! Its 54"x38" of acrylic on Belgian linen comes with a custom imported frame for a complete look.

Searching for that perfect statement piece to elevate your interior design game? Look no further! Say hello to the mesmerizing Colorful Diaspora, representing a breathtaking fusion of art and culture, featured in MMarcel’s exclusive "It's All About Color" series! 


 Unleash your creativity and give your home a vibrant makeover with this stunning masterpiece! The Colorful Diaspora effortlessly infuses any space with a bold pop of color and artistic elegance. Embodying the essence of diversity and unity, it's a celebration of multiculturalism and embracing unique perspectives.


The Colorful Diaspora is more than just art – it's a conversation starter! Engage your guests with its mesmerizing patterns, rich hues, and undeniable allure. Each brushstroke tells a story, igniting a sense of wonder and curiosity in all who behold it.


Whether you're revamping your living room, creating a vibrant home office, or adding a touch of creativity to your bedroom, the Colorful Diaspora promises to captivate, inspire, and uplift the energy in any space. Imagine coming home to a sanctuary filled with vibrancy, culture, and joy!


Don't miss out on adding this show-stopping piece to your collection! Find out more about the Colorful Diaspora and the "It's All About Color" series today!


Let your home become a canvas of self-expression, and let the Colorful Diaspora be the brush that paints your vision into reality. Don't miss this opportunity to infuse your space with an explosion of color and creativity. Order now and unveil a home that truly represents YOU!