Shining Star Original

Shining Star

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36” x 48”
Acrylic on Canvas

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While creating this original painting, a lot of thought went into the design process. Marcel created this piece to express himself and showcase how he feels about hisself . As the middle sibling and someone who has always thought differently than his family members and friends, Marcel began to consider hisself as the black sheep that loves to overachieve!


This painting uses up to 30 different layers of paint to add character to the piece. Marcel chose to make the first layer brown to depict the color of his skin. Every layer applied on the canvas after the brown is a vibrant and illuminating color. Marcel chose to do this because he believes individuals should be judged by their character, not by their skin tones. The way he chooses to approach situations or not approach situations is what makes him different than a lot of other people. Marcel loves to breed positivity into every one he meets and this is huge display of that by using these vibrant colors. We don’t often meet extroverts like this, so this is why Marcel felt bold enough to be true to who he is throughout the course of his life even if that means he is considered to be the one who is like no one!


Includes Marcel Stewart’s trademark “Swoop-Splash”